Tuesday, 14 September 2010

4th Pro at XTERRA European Final Switzerland - Fastest Bike and Run Split ahead of ex - World Triathlon Champion Olivier Marceau

XTERRA Switzerland - Course way too flat for me and I lost almost 5 minutes on the swim. I then posted the fastest Bike and run splits ahead of ex-ITU World Champion Olivier Marceau to go from 41st out of the water to 4th. With an average of 2.5KM swimming a week for the last 40 weeks it's pretty obvious what I need to be doing... 10 times that for a start. Bring on Maui.

Report from XTERRA website: 

The race for third was as tight as one could ask.  Ian Leitch came out of the water about 3 minutes back from the leaders (NO 5!!!!!) in 38th place.  He rode like a demon posting the fastest bike and came into T2 in 7th.  This Brit can run.  At the end of the first 5K lap he had pulled himself up to 3rd place about 1 meter in front of Ronny Dietz.  Ronny has had bad luck this season and it was great to see this German Champion having a trouble free race.  At the start of the 2nd run lap Ronny passed back in front of Leitch but the Englishman would not give up or give in.  They stayed together the entire lap, but Ian’s efforts on the bike and the first run lap finally caught up to him and he had to settle in 30 seconds behind Ronny for a fabulous 4th overall but with the fastest bike and run times.

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