Monday, 23 May 2011

3rd at the Exposure Night Marathon

Exposure MAXX Night Marathon and CRC marathon Round 1.

With the rather clement Spring that was served up I took a trip down to Wales to catch up with friends and also to race two marathons. Two weeks previously I would not have dreamt of racing as I felt I was way off target. But in a crash week before my return to work I got to smash it with UK24 Champion Matt Page and also Josh Ibbett; it transpired that I had a modicum of good form.

The Exposure Night Marathon saw around 300 riders in perfect conditions leave Builth Wells and after a 30 minute or so neutralized lead out the usual thing happened: all hell broke loose! The script was as expected; Nicky Craig multiple- time National Marathon champ, Olympian and all round top bloke kicked it off with local hero Jonny Pugh hot on his heels. I seemed to have good power and hung onto them for a few minutes before ceding around half a minute over the moors. An hour in and I had hauled them back and was absolutely loving the trails, the speed and the competition. I rolled in 3rd just under a minute down on Nick, absolutely rinsed but very happy to be well clear of those I would have struggled to hold a few years back.

A quick massage, a nights sleep and then 10am another 4 hours lay ahead. This time out about 1,000 riders with a number of fresh Elites in the mix. After a strong start being in the lead group of four my lack of endurance started to rear its head. I went backwards and rolled over the line in 9th place.

A natty video was made and I am in it..

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